How does electronic cigarette work?

Electronic cigarette this compact device looks like a traditional cigarette. This has the effect of boosting fluid evaporation and producing steam cloud that reminds you smoke, but not containing any of the tar.This helps to protect not only their health, but also of the whole environment.

That is why e cigarette you can smoke just about everywhere, as well as where there is a non-smoking policy. Exhaled smoke at their smoking is only flavor couple, which does not interfere with other people.

With all these advantages electronic cigarette almost does not differ in taste from traditional cigarettes. But they have the advantage, that offer a wide choice. After the change of element becomes taste, which may correspond to one of well-known brands traditional cigarettes or have more specific spicy.


Your benefits of e-smoking:


Save money

Protect your health

Smoking e cigarette is extremely cheap. One contribution to supplement containing nicotine costs about 0.50 pounds. The contribution shall be equivalent to one full entire packet of cigarettes!


Electronic cigarette does not emit any of the tar. "Smoke", which enters the lungs is only an aromatic steam containing nicotine. Offloading on e cigarette pocketbook and your health people with whom you're before carcinogenic activity of the tar.


Stay Fresh

Get freedom

Offloading on e cigarette forget unpleasant smell clothes, typical of smokers ordinary cigarettes. Eradicate the discomfort associated with not nice smell of (enjoy your breath fresher and clothes, free from tobacco smoke odour inconvenience.Electronic cigarette (in most countries) is not included in the ban smoking in public places. So you will not have to go to "balloon" on the outside, or to special smoking area. The e cigarette can be freely used in public places such as offices, restaurants, public transportation and in-flight.